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Compete in COD Mobile World Championship in 2022

The Call of Duty World Championship will be rearranged in 2022, welcoming players to enter and seek the vast $2 million award pool and in-game prizes.

As the call of duty association rages on in Vanguard's multiplayer, Call of versatile duty players can before long participate in the world championship 2022 and compete for the lion's share of the massive $2 million prize pool.

The competition will be available to any player across Latin America, India, Europe, Japan, and North America. Matt Lewis, Activision's Vice President of Mobile

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You want to deeply understand the Call of Duty Mobile World Championship 2022, including how to compete, the in-game reward you can earn, and how to watch it.

What is COD Mobile World Championship?

World Championship is a free-to-play tournament event in call of duty (COD)Mobile Game primarily sponsored by sony and lasts for five to six months.

It is played by eligible players in ranked mode from solo to squad combat and shares a massive $2 million prize money.

The call of duty mobile world championship is the world championship of the 2021 CODM cutthroat season coordinated by Activision. Welcomed are the best groups from every one of the local titles.

How to Install OGzilla Apk?

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Steps to Install OGzilla Apk

Firstly you need to download the COD mobile from The installation steps are given below.

Step 1- Download

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Step 2- Permit Unknown Sources 

You should confirm on your gadget that outsider games square measure permitted before you'll have the option to install them. 

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Step 3: Install the application. 

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Step 4: Begin mistreatment it! 

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How to Participate in the COD Mobile World Championship?

There will be multiple stages of the CODM world championship, namely, stages 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

 Activision notes that anybody interested can participate in the competition by signing up at the Call of Duty website. The individuals who genuinely do will get an all-new frame and calling card.

 The championship will be carried regionally across the world. Stage One begins on March 31 and will have four qualifier rounds from April 24, 2022.

 To enter Stage Two, you must win ten ranked multiplayer matches with 60 points. The 2nd stage commences on May 12, 2022. You can look at the remainder of the guide.


How to Compete in COD Mobile World Championship

The Call of Duty Mobile World Championship returns in 2022's and open qualifiers start on March 31, with the in-game independent qualifiers occurring "each end of the week from March 31 through April 24, 2022." You can compete directly from the app, so jump in once stage 1 goes live.

Players who complete ten positioned play coordinates and procure 60 focuses will approve for May 12's group play stage 2. They can advance to the territorial qualifiers and "get new in-game rewards week after week."

Even if you do not think you are a world-class player, it's worth trying out as you'll earn in-game rewards just for competing.

COD Mobile Rewards

The trailer for the most recent version of the COD Mobile World Championship is out. 

As referenced before, all players are qualified to participate and procure rewards. 

Unique weapon skins, administrator skins, and, surprisingly, COD Points are available for anyone for those players who can accomplish the given achievements.

Players will be able to unlock multiple rewards. 

Players should play ten ranked matches and earn 60 points to qualify for Stage 2.

Players will be capable of playing with different weapon skins that represent their region.

These are the listed Rewards given below,

  • Lk24 Street Cred
  • Gun Skins Rewards
  • Characters Rewards CODM Championship 2022
  • Other Rewards like Frames, Calling Card & Much more.


Here we provide the details you need to know about the COD mobile world championship 2022 and its reward. I hope this article helps to compete in the world championship 2022. If you have any problems with this article, comment in the below section.